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Once upon a time there was a seamstress, a physicist and an artist who all lived in a country in the South. The weather there was usually warm and sunny but during the winter it could get really cold and rainy.The artist, who kept a shaved head, would complain to his friends as he would either get sun-burnt or frozen cold and was trying to figure out a way to protect himself from the adverse weather conditions.

And who else could be of better assistance but his friends the physicist and the seamstress? That is how the idea of Theta caps came to life.

Theta, Kostas and Tamara are the three people behind this project who thought that if you keep a clean shaved head for practical, religious, cultural, or aesthetic reasons, then you must have experienced the exposure to cold, strong sunlight and even small injuries.

The three of them united their skills to protect the unprotected.They joined their forces and the creative spirit of art, the imaginative and scientific mind of physics together with the life-long experience of fashion designing, gave birth to Theta caps.

Theta caps guarantee a hip look and a warm head both indoors and outdoors. The fitting is comfortable and gently skin-tight as Theta’s are made from skin friendly materials such as cotton and semi-cotton.

Our caps are handmade with certain pieces being of limited production or even unique, one-off designs. We are continuously searching for different fabrics and patterns, for the creation of new inspired designs.

All fabrics are prewashed before sewing, so the cap will not shrink or stretch at the first wash.

You can choose the color you prefer, the Pattern (Stripes,Abstract or Double face), Material (Cotton/Semi-Cotton) and Size (Medium-Small or Medium-Large)

Easily find your own cap by using the smart filtering in our store! (available on mobile soon)



New Items

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